Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect smile? Are you missing teeth? Are you worried about the effects that missing teeth may be having on your career or life? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be interested in visiting a nearest dentist in Calgary SE and replacing your teeth […]

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How to Choose a Dentist

Tooth Abscess

Choosing a dentist is an important step, and if you’ve just moved to a new area, you should investigate your options before you have a dental emergency. But when you don’t have personal experience of local dentists in Calgary, AB you need to make a judgement call before you’ve even met the practitioner. How can […]

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Invisalign vs. Metal Braces

Invisalign Clear Braces

Back in the day, metal braces were the only option available to those hoping to have teeth straightened, but a new advance called ‘Invisalign’ has changed all that. Dentists agree that Invisalign has several advantages over conventional tooth straightening techniques. So what are these advantages, and why should you consider Invisalign? Your local SE Calgary dentist […]

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Invisalign: Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign - Invisible Clear Braces

When we speak of braces, most people think of the metal ‘railway tracks’ that are all-too-obvious and for which so many of our schoolmates were teased mercilessly when we were kids. But nowadays, there is an almost invisible alternative: Invisalign. What is Invisialign? Invisalign aligners are made from clear, medical grade plastic and are customized […]

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How To Brush Your Teeth

How to Brush your Teeth

Dentists all over the world encourage proper methods of brushing. However most of us overlook this advice, as we believe that brushing teeth is an easy, every day task that everyone is extremely proficient at. However, most people don’t brush their teeth correctly and instead waste two minutes of their life for little gain. If […]

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5 Reasons to Smile


Smiling usually happens without much thought. It is a very natural response that shares our happiness with others. But did you know that smiling also contributes to our overall health? The truth is that smiling triggers activity in your brain – the area that registers happiness. Do you smile often? Do you smile when you […]

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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth, chances are you will end up deciding between Invisalign and traditional metal braces. Both Invisalign and metal braces are designed to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Even though both systems help you achieve the same goal, there are certain differences between them. In this post […]

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Dental Teeth Bonding

Teeth Bonding

Do you love every bit of your smile or would you change just a couple little things? A lot of us would like to make little tweaks to our smiles but either don’t know how, or don’t want to spend the money. A key facet of a perfect smile is obviously your teeth, so why […]

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